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Dancing Bear Akitas

Welcome to Dancing Bear Akitas.  In addition to pure bred Akita puppies, you can find Grateful Dead and Phish CD-R trading, pictures from the road, and other fun stuff.


At Dancing Bear we breed Akitas for show and companionship.  All dogs are raised in a country atmosphere, with plenty of room for exercise, and plenty of opportunity for interaction with humans and other animals.  All dogs in the breeding program pass all standard health evaluations.  See the page for each dog for more specific information

For information on the failure of the paint on my Permanent Roofing Systems aluminum shingles, click here.

Contact Information

Check back to this page regularly to check on puppy and dog availability.  Or call or email us.

Postal address
7444 Perkins Greenville, Kinsman, Ohio 44428
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Click here to open a detailed end-game map in a new window.  Then request a map from Yahoo for your zip code to ours (44428).  
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PRS Shingle Failure - Defective Paint - Permanent Roofing System

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